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Okay, I am thrumming with energy right now! xD Why? I had a vision three months ago about a friend of mine and I being a couple. We were on a sidewalk of a strip of stores sharing ice cream and being all affectionate and couply as we walked. This is a vision that hasn't happened yet, but is about to now (as in me and the mentioned friend are about to get together). How I know is because I've been dropped massively obvious clues of it on and off from the mentioned friend lately, so it's about to happen for sure! I really like this guy, so I'm super excited! I'm even more excited at the fact that (little does he know) I've known this info for a little over 3 months now already purely from that vision and am now about to witness it. Experiencing events out of their normal order like this is just fun and awesome! Knowing what's going to happen before it happens or before any clue of it happening is shown is a fun and exciting experience, as if I have an exclusive look into what no one else is able to. Makes me feel really special. When I tell him that I had a vision of us becoming a couple and dating before he could even tell me anything of it, I wonder how shocked and amazed he'll be. xD He's never experienced my gift before (though, he knows about my gifts), so that will be fun. I better get to bed now. I'm bringing up the discussion of this to him tomorrow, so hopefully the next time I type in this, me and him will be together and dating like I saw a few months ago. Night all.
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