Jan. 5th, 2015

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Today's the day! The day I turn in my computer to the repair shop, whoo! I hope it's an easy fix and hope that it's the problem I think it has. Well, we'll find out in an hour and a half. Aaaaah, I'm so nervous! x|

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Okay, after turning it in and then testing it out back at home, it is.....................FIXED! It is completely and thoroughly fixed. It was exactly what I thought the problem was. It had WAAAAY too much dust in it. The guy at Best Buy gave it a thorough cleaning and a bunch of dust came blasting out. I knew it was either too much dust clogging it up or the fan quitting on me. Thankfully it was just dust or I would've had to use my money to fix my computer again. Cleaning out all the dust was a quick 5 minutes, so it didn't take long at all and it was free since I have a 1 year free service deal with them, so everything worked out. I'm so overjoyed! :D It's just the worst feeling in the world when the key element to your hobby just stops working properly. Now I can record Sakura Wars and everything else with no worries. Oh, and I got a surprise coming up on the Sakura Wars videos. The 10th video of that series is going to have a little fun addition to it. Can't wait till you guys experience it. It will be a blast of fun! Part 9 will be up today, so more Sakura Wars on the way.


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