Jan. 16th, 2015

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My gosh, I'm really starting to feel the years pass. I'm going to turn 23 this year (which is the 30th of July, by the way).......damn, how time passes so fast when you're no longer in school. I don't remember time passing this fast ever in my life. xD I'm going to turn 23 soon and yet.....I still don't have a car which means I still can't have a job in which results to still not being able to have my own life. *sigh*....Why does everything have to be SO expensive? If things were a bit lower then I could've had a car way before now and had my own life start, but no, everything has to be over-priced. Things are so over-priced that even the middle class are considered poor. I'm 22, I should have a car by now and be leaving the nest, but without a car, that's impossible. If buses were actually on time every time, then that would be a solution, but nope, everyone has to have the urge to make life impossible for others. Most of the people I know have their own car or at least is able to borrow one from a family member. I can't even be able to do that. No one I know has a car they can lend me or let me borrow. My own father won't even let me borrow his car because he's obsessed with me damaging it, and I'm not even a bad driver, I'm a fantastic and safe driver (of which I have proof of, I'm not just saying that). I've only had one job and I loved it, I loved actually doing something for a purpose every day. Since I got laid off, though, and my father won't drive me to a job anymore when bad storms hit, now I can't get a job at all without my own car, period.

That will not come anytime soon since he lost his job too and now we have no income at all. Even though we have no income now, he still tells me he will get me a car by Spring. Really? How can money be saved up for a car if you don't have an income? Really? Even if you get a job next week, that will not get a car before spring. We are poor, so no, that won't happen that quick. If he can't do something at the moment, he should just say so. Lying is a terrible destroyer of souls, why do it? Then again he's always been a lair and never cared for others, so yeah, no surprise there. Seems this car won't come for a very....VERY long time. How much longer do I have to wait.....another few years? 'Cause that's how long he's been saying, "I'm getting you a car.". *Scoffs* Please.....when you show me the paper work on it, then maybe I'll believe that. A car will come for me someday, I can't just go car-less forever, so I still have hope. Let's pray that hope comes through for me soon.


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