Jan. 27th, 2015

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(I will be calling the guy this is about as just 'this guy' or 'him' 'cause I don't want it to be obvious who I'm talking about) OKAY! I have to get this off my mind! It's driving me nuts, so I just gotta poor my thoughts out for a second. This may come off as weird, not believable, or fake to some of you, which I don't care since what I'm about to say is 100% true and if you ask any of my best friends, they will tell you that I'm not a lair and don't randomly lie about stuff. And if you ask 2 of them (since they are the only ones I trust out of my friends so far with this stuff) which are Mason and Anthony they will tell you that this stuff is completely true and a part of my every day life. Kay, anyway, now that, that is out of the way;

When I dream, I have all my senses that normally people wouldn't. People usually can only see and hear when dreaming and can't experience their other senses when dreaming, but me? I can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste, all the senses you have and experience as you would when awake. Like that one saying people say about dreams, "if you pinch yourself and it hurts, then that means you're not dreaming since you can't feel in dreams." That doesn't apply to me AT ALL. xD I feel pain and pleasure, smell and taste stuff in dreams as if it was actually happening in reality. I've always been able to since the day I was born. With that said, I had a dream Sunday night that tops ALL dreams I've ever had! There was two since I woke up at one point then went back to sleep which took me back in the dream. They were about me and this guy dating. We were at his parent's house and apparently he lived a few streets down from me in my neighborhood.

He also had a baby sister in the dream who was 2 or around that age. When I played with his little sister at one point, the guy sitting across from me on a couch, she called me mommy and the guy daddy then added his Youtube nickname at the end of that, so she said mommy and daddy (enter cute Youtube nickname here since I'm not saying it since it will give away who I'm talking about) at the end. xD SO CUTE! Me and him were embarrassed by it and coughed and brushed it off of course. xD
It made an awkward moment between us. Not a bad moment, but just an unexpected one between us.It suggested a senario of me and him having a kid which was what made us embarrassed. xD Anyway, we were dating for what felt like 2 weeks so far. And of course since we were dating, we did couplely, romantic stuff like kissing and cuddling.

Since I have all my senses in dreams, I could feel everything which is what makes this a bigger thing then it would be generally. I could smell his scent, I could feel him when I touched him and when he touched me as if he was really there (not pervertedly, mind you, just simple touches). I could also feel him when he kissed me. The kisses, specifically one in particular on the lips, are what stick out more than anything since I FELT EVERYTHING of it. And it was amazing. It was one of those kisses that send a pleasant wave down your whole body. I wonder if he even has a younger sister in reality.

I'm full of questions here on this! xD I want them answered, but there's NO WAY I'm talking to him about this. Uh-uh, we aren't THAT close yet, so yeah, my brain is going crazy here! That kiss was amazing. If I rated it 1 out of 10, it would be a 10, no exaggeration. xD I've been wondering if it's (now here is another thing that is weird and hard to believe, but is true) a vision or something. Yes, indeed, I have visions. Since they have a bad rep from imposters trying to pose as one, it will come off as fake, but I don't care since I'm not faking. This is really apart of my every day life. Now I'm not the kind of psychic people are used to hearing about. I can't have visions whenever I want, nor can I choose what they are about. They only come randomly and is purely out of my control. Not all psychics are the same, and I'm definitely different. I mostly have them through dreaming, but I can also get them while awake too. How? well, in the clouds (A few times I saw shapes in the clouds, and based on what they showed, did actually happen hours later. And no it wasn't a coincidence. In order for something to be a coincidence, it would have to happen rarely. This happened MANY times. And every time it was specific. Every detail the clouds showed was what exactly happened a few hours later), I can get them by just feeling and hearing things suddenly that only I can hear and feel (like with that Bombing in Boston, Massachusetts during the Boston Marathon in 2013. I had a vision of that before it happened. I was awake and doing dishes, then suddenly I heard a lot of people screaming and explosions going off and I had the urge to run, hide, duck. I had that vision a day or two before it actually happened. I felt horrible since 2 people died and many were badly injured in that and I KNEW it would happen, but I couldn't do anything since no one would believe me if I said someone is going to bomb the marathon and kill and injure so many people. That's the bad side about being psychic....you see things that are horrible), and I can also get them from hidden messages in my surroundings like a business logo or a piece of merchandise, pretty much anything that's around me at the moment.

Anyway, I've been wondering if it's a vision too since a part of those dreams I had were confirmed as a vision early Monday morning on the news. Incase you're curious, the dream I had Sunday night showed my streets being flooded badly to where the water level was swim worthy. It was confirmed Monday morning that it was a vision about an area in Tulsa closest to me that had a company have a MAJOR water pipe break which flooded the town. So since that was a vision, I wonder if the other parts of the dreams are visions as well. *sigh* I'll never know until I get validation from reality. Not all dreams I have are visions, obviously. They are only visions if they are validated in reality somehow and if what happened in the dream matches events in reality, and timing has to be right to where what happened in the dream happened first before any traces of the events happened or is known in reality. Wish I could just ask him if any of it is true, but it's just awkward to at this point. xD


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