Feb. 8th, 2015

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I still can't believe this happened! xD Thursday night I had another vision. It was of my two best friends Mason and Anthony doing another part of their versus video and the dream made me feel like I was going to be watching that episode tomorrow, which was Friday. When I woke up Friday morning, I was going to tell Mason about what I saw just incase it was a vision, but I had doubts that it was one, so I put off telling him and then forgot about the dream as the day went on. Then when mid-afternoon came around, Mason messaged me saying that he did another video of that versus............Now, hol....hol-hold on....You.....You w-w-WHAT!?!? I was mega shocked as always when this stuff happens to me. I was thinking to myself, 'NO WAY! So I was right, that WAS a vision.' When I told Mason that I already knew he did his versus episode with Anthony because I had a vision of it last night, he said and I quote,"God mother of f###, Nicole! xD " That's my real name for those who don't know, Nicole. Ugh, I hate that name. - _ -"

Anyway, he was amazed and amused by my vision, telling from his response. xD
He always tells me so, so no uncertainty on that. So funny how my visions made me snoop on what Mason and Anthony were doing. My visions can be so sneaky sometimes. xD If only I remembered to tell Mason of the vision that morning like I wanted to instead of forgetting about it. He would've been more amazed then. xD *sigh* I forget stuff all the time, so it's no surprise that I would mess up there and forget to tell him right away before he even said anything about it to me. Oh well, there will be more opportunities since I have visions all the time. And THIS time, I will be sure to mention my dreams right after I have them. Having the opportunity to freak people out (only in a positive way, mind you) should never be passed up. xD

I still find it so weird and crazy knowing stuff like this doesn't just happen in imagination shown through movies, TV shows, and books, even though I've been experiencing this stuff for years. I thought magical abilities like this only existed in imagination. I thought these things weren't possible in reality. Turns out they are. So cool that they actually exist! Wonder if other things that are considered magical powers exist. I know mind bending exists, there's proof of that. And I know spiritual activity such as spirits aka ghosts exist too since not only is there proof of it, I experience that myself as well all the time. So mind bending, spirits, and predicting the future exist. Wonder what else exists that is thought of as not real.

*sigh* I'm so blessed that I have friends that believe me when I say I have magical gifts. I love Mason and Anthony SO much! Just when I thought no one in the world would believe me....there they are....supportin' a sista.....man, I love you guys! x'D


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