Feb. 12th, 2015

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The dream I talked about on January 27th that I was going crazy over and was desperate for answers......well......I got my answers! After thinking about it for weeks, I finally found the courage to confront him about it since everything I saw (well.....almost everything. I left out one thing since it's a bit much and embarrassing, but I will tell him that part if he wants me to)ended up really being true and was accurate to what his personal life consisted of because I asked for him to validate the info I had. As always, I FREAKED OUT! xD Like.......out of all the circumstances, out of all the possibilities, it was the one I saw. He could of been an only child or had brothers in reality, but no, he had exactly what I saw in my dream which was a few sisters, the youngest being around 2, the youngest's exact age being 3. I was accurate on both things! All from a dream. Being psychic never falls short of being amazing. xD I had a feeling......I had a feeling, damnit! And it was right....as always when it comes to this stuff. I'll know his reaction to all of this tomorrow......ugh, I'm so nervous and scared! Hope he doesn't think I'm a freak or faking to kid around. He's a good guy, so I don't see him reacting that way, but you never know for sure.


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