May. 23rd, 2015

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I'm about to do something VERY bold here. Depending on what my best friend thinks, I'm about to make a HUGE brave move of which has me anxious as crap. I'll update the details about it later. Ugh, man, I can't believe I'm doing this.

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Hey, everyone! Sorry to say, but I can't get part 29 of Sakura Wars with Cory out today. I'm too busy watching Cory's livestream of which is lasting 48 hours. You will see me in it with him and MavAttack if you watched. I think Cory recorded it, so you might be able to see it on Cory's Youtube channel. I had a blast with them. Those two are so fun to hang out with as always. That was my first time on a livestream AND the first time I talked to MavAttack in voice chat form. I've talked to both of them numerous times, but have never talked to them at the same time before. That needs to happen more 'cause it's so fun. ^ - ^ I talk to Cory on a weekly basis, but only get to talk to Mav sometimes and since Mav is just as awesome as Cory, it would be fun talking to MavAttack a little more often too. Would be fun to join Cory's livestream again. I think he'll need help from his friends to stay up for the livestream, and I'm one of those friends that is good at keeping people awake (when they want to stay awake, that is). Me and MavAttack are really the only friends Cory has that can attend the livestream thoroughly and that he can trust. With us, Cory can stay up through the whole 48 hours successfully along with the samurai. Well, time to watch more of his livestream. Talk to you guys later. ^ - ^ /


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