Jan. 25th, 2016

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Well, there goes another chance at finding love. The guy I'm dating (newly dating, got together Christmas Eve last month), I'm gonna have to break up with him. I thought he was going to be a fun and admirable guy since that's all he showed me in our first few days of knowing each other, but he's nothing close in his day to day. All he expresses are things that lead to negative outcomes. Everything he does is too extreme and abnormal in every area. Too much affection too often (we're talking like, every few minutes of every day. Imagine hearing 'I love you' every few minutes daily and trying to hold your hand every time you're around each other), too much constant closeness and not allowing me to have my space (he calls quite a few times every single day, not even allowing me to have any time to myself), repeating the same sentences for over a month and hardly talks about anything new or positive, he's always still like a statue all the time even when fun is happening around him, he even doesn't talk to where people can understand him most of the time since he constantly mumbles in a monotone every time he talks, he always connects negative scenarios to our relationship, constantly says sorry and that he won't do this and that even though he never did anything wrong and I never said anything discouraging in the first place, always worrying he's doing something wrong. He's just negative and uptight all the time which ends any fun or positive aura I had like he's a rain cloud to my sunny day. And that's not enjoyable to be around in a romantic relationship.

I tried helping him, giving him caring and friendly advice, but he doesn't take it. He ignores that I said anything helpful and continues his negative attitude. I just can't take that. I don't know anyone that could. I've taken it for over a month, and I just can't take it anymore. If he doesn't want to enjoy life and focus on the positive of things, then I sadly have to keep our interactions strictly back to friends. I hate to do this since I know it's going to hurt him because he kept telling me how I'm the one for him and we're gonna get married one day and stuff, but it's not healthy being with someone that sees life as nothing but negative. Why can't I find a guy that's positive in life and treats a girlfriend right? I seem to only find that in guys that aren't having a crush on me. And those that do have a crush on me always have severe damage to their character in some way that breaks bonds instead of strengthens them. I don't get it. There has to be someone out there that has a crush on me and knows how to live life right and treat the one they're with right. I don't ask for much like most people do when it comes to dating. All I want is someone that is healthy in mind, body, and attitude, that's it, no oulandish specifics. That's what everyone should want since that's what leads to good outcomes in life. I hope I find the one that's for me soon. I don't want to be in my 30s and still not have found a stable guy to be with.


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