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It's the 13th anniversary of 9/11. My heart goes out to all the people that lost someone that day *takes moment of silence*. I was 9 when the event happened. Even though I was around when it happened, I didn't have any knowledge of it then and wasn't told about it till years later. Wish I knew about it when it happened. I hope nothing like that event happens again, especially with all these terrorist threats still around.

Anyway, on another topic; I found out a few days ago that my little sister is autistic. It's not a severe case, but it is pretty bad. She's always had it now that I can put a name to the symptoms. She's shown signs since she learned how to talk at 2. I've always wondered why she does the unusual things she does since it's far from normal. Having the constant non-stop need to do the same things and except no new things; the need to make sounds when trying to process things in her surroundings; not eating normally; not being able to identify how she feels; get's overwhelmed by the simplest things and, in result, refuses to do it; intense anxiety to the point where she can't stay asleep after she falls asleep or refuses to do things if she feels she can't do her best at it; freaks out to normal volume levels when they aren't even loud to the point of complaining. Simplified version: her type of autism is sensory disorder. Her senses are on maximum overdrive to where just the littlest bit of something is too much for her to handle. Her sight, taste, and hearing are more sensitive than normal, so anything having to do with these things, she will struggle with. She also can't communicate normally. She can only carry a rational conversation if it's about something she knows like TV shows she likes. I'm very worried about her since her life will be limited and the simplest of things will make her opt out. She's getting the help she needs to get through these struggles now that she's diagnosed. I'm so glad about that. It is helping her. I just hope she learns to adapt to new things sometime. She literally acts like an OCD in that area. She has to do the same things and nothing but the same things. She wants to watch the same home videos on my computer every day non-stop even though there's millions of videos. She will only watch the same select few she sees first. She refuses to see other videos. If you decide to watch a video she hasn't seen, she will throw an all out fit and have a temper tantrum. She does that when introducing anything new to her. I hate that her life is forced to be like that by the disorder. It means she will not be able to function in the world. Someone that violent against change can't live life normally and it sucks. She won't be able to go through school, eat food, get a job, talk to people, do any of that without her struggling through it on a massive level. I hate how cruel life can be at times.

~ Berry

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