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Like, thoroughly stunned, dude. I just had a vision last night that I confirmed today. When I woke up this morning, I found it odd that my dream I just had focused only on the color yellow. The people in my dreams had on yellow shirts while their surrounding clothes that were dirty on the floor were yellow. The flowers outside were yellow. My dreams zoomed in on it and emphasized it and everything. At first I was lost as to what it meant since yellow has so many meanings. Then my mom texted me saying she's currently in poor health and is battling issues with her blood pressure and parts of her mouth. I didn't think it had anything to do with the message that my dreams were trying to tell me, so I didn't connect them. Then I looked up all the possible meanings of yellow. Of course, a lot of definitions for it came up, but one stood out to me, especially after talking with my mom. Some of the negative definitions of yellow was danger and caution, but what was after that was one meaning I didn't know yellow stood for......physical illness. It said physical illness was one of the things yellow stands for. And my mom told me just minutes before that she was sick with many different things. That makes my dreams message from last night completely clear now on why it was focusing on yellow so much. It was trying to warn me of my mom's current condition. I felt a rush of amazement and worry. Incredible how I was told that. Thank you visions yet again for telling me what I need to know. Hope my mom is going to be okay and takes care of her health more. She hasn't been at all for so many years, so I saw this coming, just didn't expect it to be now. Word of the wise to everyone reading this; take care of your health, or it will stop taking care of you.

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