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I have so many songs I'm addicted to currently. What's worse than having a song stuck in your head? Having MANY OF THEM stuck in your once. Yeah....I have 16 songs stuck in my head. I can't stop listening to them. Not a week goes by that I don't listen to those 16 songs or at least a few of them, it's crazy. xD If you wanna know what songs they are, I will list them: Royal Tailor- Making Me New, Royal Tailor- Make A Move, Archers Rise- Mirrors, Maroon5- Animals, Maroon5- Maps, Skillet- Good To Be Alive, Skillet- Not Gonna Die, Ellie Golding- Anything Could Happen, For King And Country- Shoulders, Hawk Nelson- Drops In The Ocean, Carrie Underwood- Something In The Water, Lecrae feat. Anthony Evans- Boasting, Manic Drive- Walls, Manic Drive- Money, Manic Drive- Halo, FLAME feat. NF- Start Over. That's all of them that I'm most addicted to right now if you want to know what I'm talking about. You might even discover some new music you like, who knows. The songs I listen to the most out of those are Shoulders by For King And Country and Drops In The Ocean by Hawk Nelson. Those two are newest to me and are the best out of all the ones I listed in my opinion. xD They are both lyrically beautiful and have such great meaning which is why I love them.

Ugh, man.....I need these songs right now...I have to pay taxes this week, so...stress reliever initiate! (flips on fave songs) xD


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