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Like, thoroughly stunned, dude. I just had a vision last night that I confirmed today. When I woke up this morning, I found it odd that my dream I just had focused only on the color yellow. The people in my dreams had on yellow shirts while their surrounding clothes that were dirty on the floor were yellow. The flowers outside were yellow. My dreams zoomed in on it and emphasized it and everything. At first I was lost as to what it meant since yellow has so many meanings. Then my mom texted me saying she's currently in poor health and is battling issues with her blood pressure and parts of her mouth. I didn't think it had anything to do with the message that my dreams were trying to tell me, so I didn't connect them. Then I looked up all the possible meanings of yellow. Of course, a lot of definitions for it came up, but one stood out to me, especially after talking with my mom. Some of the negative definitions of yellow was danger and caution, but what was after that was one meaning I didn't know yellow stood for......physical illness. It said physical illness was one of the things yellow stands for. And my mom told me just minutes before that she was sick with many different things. That makes my dreams message from last night completely clear now on why it was focusing on yellow so much. It was trying to warn me of my mom's current condition. I felt a rush of amazement and worry. Incredible how I was told that. Thank you visions yet again for telling me what I need to know. Hope my mom is going to be okay and takes care of her health more. She hasn't been at all for so many years, so I saw this coming, just didn't expect it to be now. Word of the wise to everyone reading this; take care of your health, or it will stop taking care of you.

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That vision I talked about in the previous happened last night! :D
I knew it was a vision all this time...I felt it, but I needed validation to completely believe it to be so. *Sigh* I feel so freakin' happy and complete. Never felt this happy and complete before. I've known him for so long and know the kind of person he is so well, and he's a wonderful guy, the kind people only dream of, but never find. So I know I will enjoy every moment with him and expect a happy and healthy relationship. I truly feel, telling by chemistry quality, that he is the one for me. We fit so perfectly together, and I can't think of anyone else that would be able to top that or equal that since you don't just commonly find people like this. I'm so blessed and I thank God for leading us to each other and for telling me beforehand. I couldn't be happier. :3

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Okay, I am thrumming with energy right now! xD Why? I had a vision three months ago about a friend of mine and I being a couple. We were on a sidewalk of a strip of stores sharing ice cream and being all affectionate and couply as we walked. This is a vision that hasn't happened yet, but is about to now (as in me and the mentioned friend are about to get together). How I know is because I've been dropped massively obvious clues of it on and off from the mentioned friend lately, so it's about to happen for sure! I really like this guy, so I'm super excited! I'm even more excited at the fact that (little does he know) I've known this info for a little over 3 months now already purely from that vision and am now about to witness it. Experiencing events out of their normal order like this is just fun and awesome! Knowing what's going to happen before it happens or before any clue of it happening is shown is a fun and exciting experience, as if I have an exclusive look into what no one else is able to. Makes me feel really special. When I tell him that I had a vision of us becoming a couple and dating before he could even tell me anything of it, I wonder how shocked and amazed he'll be. xD He's never experienced my gift before (though, he knows about my gifts), so that will be fun. I better get to bed now. I'm bringing up the discussion of this to him tomorrow, so hopefully the next time I type in this, me and him will be together and dating like I saw a few months ago. Night all.
^ - ^ /

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I just, literally JUST confirmed a dream I had last night (I get visions through dreams, meaning I'm psychic for those of you who are new. I don't talk about this stuff to make you believe, this is only me getting out my thoughts and feelings, nothing more. If you want to listen [anyone can also comment], I am grateful and appreciate that. If you don't then that's fine too, go do you)! It was about these twins on Youtube known as JacksGAP, ya know, Jack and Finn. My dream told me they were 21. I don't watch them or look at anything about them, so I knew nothing about them at all, let alone anything personal before I had this dream about them. I just got done looking up their age just to see if it was another dream telling me real info that's in reality. blows me away........the webpage on them said they are 21............................................................................................................I DON'T EVEN!!! xD I!? HOW!? God.....I don't know why my dreams are telling me random info on people I don't even know anything about, but it's damn cool none-of-the-less. Vision guides (aka what I believe to be spirits responsible for giving me these visions), if you can hear me....thank you for telling me these things. It makes life so much more exciting and fun. :)

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The dream I talked about on January 27th that I was going crazy over and was desperate for answers......well......I got my answers! After thinking about it for weeks, I finally found the courage to confront him about it since everything I saw (well.....almost everything. I left out one thing since it's a bit much and embarrassing, but I will tell him that part if he wants me to)ended up really being true and was accurate to what his personal life consisted of because I asked for him to validate the info I had. As always, I FREAKED OUT! xD Like.......out of all the circumstances, out of all the possibilities, it was the one I saw. He could of been an only child or had brothers in reality, but no, he had exactly what I saw in my dream which was a few sisters, the youngest being around 2, the youngest's exact age being 3. I was accurate on both things! All from a dream. Being psychic never falls short of being amazing. xD I had a feeling......I had a feeling, damnit! And it was always when it comes to this stuff. I'll know his reaction to all of this tomorrow......ugh, I'm so nervous and scared! Hope he doesn't think I'm a freak or faking to kid around. He's a good guy, so I don't see him reacting that way, but you never know for sure.

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I still can't believe this happened! xD Thursday night I had another vision. It was of my two best friends Mason and Anthony doing another part of their versus video and the dream made me feel like I was going to be watching that episode tomorrow, which was Friday. When I woke up Friday morning, I was going to tell Mason about what I saw just incase it was a vision, but I had doubts that it was one, so I put off telling him and then forgot about the dream as the day went on. Then when mid-afternoon came around, Mason messaged me saying that he did another video of that versus............Now, hol....hol-hold on....You.....You w-w-WHAT!?!? I was mega shocked as always when this stuff happens to me. I was thinking to myself, 'NO WAY! So I was right, that WAS a vision.' When I told Mason that I already knew he did his versus episode with Anthony because I had a vision of it last night, he said and I quote,"God mother of f###, Nicole! xD " That's my real name for those who don't know, Nicole. Ugh, I hate that name. - _ -"

Anyway, he was amazed and amused by my vision, telling from his response. xD
He always tells me so, so no uncertainty on that. So funny how my visions made me snoop on what Mason and Anthony were doing. My visions can be so sneaky sometimes. xD If only I remembered to tell Mason of the vision that morning like I wanted to instead of forgetting about it. He would've been more amazed then. xD *sigh* I forget stuff all the time, so it's no surprise that I would mess up there and forget to tell him right away before he even said anything about it to me. Oh well, there will be more opportunities since I have visions all the time. And THIS time, I will be sure to mention my dreams right after I have them. Having the opportunity to freak people out (only in a positive way, mind you) should never be passed up. xD

I still find it so weird and crazy knowing stuff like this doesn't just happen in imagination shown through movies, TV shows, and books, even though I've been experiencing this stuff for years. I thought magical abilities like this only existed in imagination. I thought these things weren't possible in reality. Turns out they are. So cool that they actually exist! Wonder if other things that are considered magical powers exist. I know mind bending exists, there's proof of that. And I know spiritual activity such as spirits aka ghosts exist too since not only is there proof of it, I experience that myself as well all the time. So mind bending, spirits, and predicting the future exist. Wonder what else exists that is thought of as not real.

*sigh* I'm so blessed that I have friends that believe me when I say I have magical gifts. I love Mason and Anthony SO much! Just when I thought no one in the world would believe me....there they are....supportin' a, I love you guys! x'D

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Since I talked about my gifts on here recently, I feel more comfortable talking about them, so I'm going to talk about them on here from now on. Man....I was just thinking about what's next for me concerning my visions. What will I see and experience next? I'm eager to know. I remember every vision I ever had since I was little to now. The very first one I had was when I was in elementary school. It was about me meeting my best friend Mason who I finally met in summer of 2013. I had the dream over and over again on and off at random on random nights through elementary school to middle school. Then I had a long period of years when the dream stopped through my 4 years of high school, then I suddenly had it again in the summer of 2012. Notice how that's right before the year I actually met him? Isn't that crazy?! Man, my life! xD

Another vision I had was a bad one. I get bad ones as well as good ones. This one was VERY bad. One of the worst ones I've ever had ever, and I've had some pretty bad visions. This one was of my grandma Bonnet dying. I had a dream one night about me flying on a staff (the equivalent of a broom basically) with 2 characters from my favorite show. One character that was sitting behind me named Julian said to me, "How was the funeral?" I looked back at him in confusion and said, "Funeral? What funeral?" He answered by pointing to one of my hands. I lifted my hand up and written on my palm was my grandma Bonnet's phone number, meaning it was my grandma Bonnet's funeral he was talking about. I woke up after that. 6 months later........she died. Had a blood clot in her leg in her hospital bed from improper care from her post hip surgery. My family held a funeral for her in 2011. The very same funeral Julian told me in my dream 6 months before. She was only 62 and very healthy, She shouldn't have died. It tears me up inside still that I knew she would....I knew before anyone else knew and yet.....I could do nothing...nothing at all because it's not like anyone would believe me. They would just write me off as being delusional and a mental case. God, I miss her so much. :'(

Anyway, another vision I had was when I was in high school, 10th grade to be exact. One night I had a dream about taking a test in my English class. In the dream I had gotten an A on my test. When I woke up I found it unusual since I don't commonly get A's on English tests. I usually get C's, even D's sometimes. At the most I get a B from time to time, but never A's, so I was wondering the whole school morning the next day if it was a vision or just a wishful dream. Like I said before, not every dream I have is a vision, that's for events in reality to decipher. I can't deem a dream a vision on my own, so those of you that think that's how my psychic gift works, it doesn't. Maybe for some other psychics, but not for me. I wish it happened for me. I would LOVE to know which experiences I had are visions automatically. But alas, I can not. I'm not gonna complain about that too much, though. I'm thankful I can have visions at all, period, so yeah, I can deal with reality events confirming for me if I had a vision or not. Anyway, got off track. xD When I walked in English class, I was told we were going to have a test at the end of the week on Friday. When Friday came and I took the test and the next week started. Monday morning we got our test results back and sure enough....I got an A. It was freakin' unbelievable! I was shouting in my mind 'Thank you, thank you, visions, THANK YOU! And thank you God for giving me the gift!' I was super thrilled since that test was like, half our class grade. xD

Then there was that vision about that plane crashing. I had a dream about a plane, just a random plane here in the US crashing into a building and everyone on the flight dying. A few days later, I see on the news that a plane crashed into the side of a building, killing everyone inside. That one was horrible. I don't want to have visions of people dying. There's nothing I can do about that, though. I can't control what I have visions of, so sadly, I will keep having visions of people dying, as much as it sucks. T 3 T

Then there was the vision about the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts in 2013. I don't know how to explain it since it's so freaky, but I was doing dishes one afternoon, then suddenly I heard a lot of people screaming and bombs going off and I had the sudden urge to take cover from bombs. Just to debunk any ideas you skeptics might be thinking, no, none of those sounds were happening around or in my house. My neighborhood is a peaceful and quiet one and none of the TVs were on at the time. I was the only one home. It couldn't come from any outside source since there was none, so the sounds of all that was purely a spiritual phenomena that only I could experience, I know that sounds weird, it sounds weird and surreal to me too, but that's what happened, and you can't ignore what you experience yourself since it's in front of your face. At the time, I didn't know what happened or what it meant, as with all my visions at first. It was just a weird feeling that suddenly happened within me. It was when I was awake too, I wasn't asleep like I usually am when I have visions. That's when I discovered that I can have visions even when awake which I didn't think was possible for me since I've only had them through dreaming all my life till then. After that weird moment, I can't remember the exact time, but very soon after I had that moment, on the late night news it was happening. The very thing I heard and felt was HAPPENING right before my eyes. The people screaming, the bombs was exactly what I heard and felt earlier when I was doing dishes. That confirmed that I had a vision of that very event. I just had a vision of the Boston Marathon bombing. I was freaking out! Silently, but I was freaking out! That was the most shocking vision I ever had.

Then there was this vision a few years back that I had when I was in 9th or 10th grade of high school. I dreamed that one of my best guy friends had a major crush on me. Me, him and a mutual friend were at a nature park that had a very big creek. He told me he had feelings for me right there at the creek in the nature park. A little after that, I woke up. Then a few days to a week later I find out from that very same mutual friend that, that very same best friend of mine has a crush on me AND she told me when we were in that very same place in my dream, the nature park. Every detail happened exactly the way it did in my dream like they always do when they're visions. It made me speechless. I know I'm the psychic, but that doesn't mean I don't freak myself out. xD I freak myself out with my own powers all the time.

Then I had a vision that my boss at my job would double cross me and I had to leave from how bad I was being treated(which of course did happen), but I didn't quite know how I should leave since my vision didn't clarify that part. Turns out I didn't have to quit like I was about to do. They laid me off which was better since it wouldn't look bad on me on my job history.

Another vision I had was creepy, I didn't like it at all. In the dream, I was laying down on my bed awake and just looking up at the ceiling when I felt a spot in my head move. Then it kept moving. Something was under the skin of my head and moving. It felt horrible and uncomfortable! Then I woke up. A news report the next morning confirmed that it was a vision about a town not far from mine having contaminated water in their town's water system. When people drank it, they would have a high risk of hosting a parasite that feasts on the brain which some were reported of having.

Another vision I had was concerning a girlfriend of one of my friend's. The vision was of her committing suicide. I told him that next morning what I saw since he told me a cousin of his girlfriend's told him that she has bad news about his girlfriend. I didn't know who the girl I dreamed of committing suicide was at the time since I couldn't make out the girl in my dream very well. I also forgot what his girlfriend looked like specifically since I've only seen her twice. I had no for sure validation, so I couldn't be sure. I told him anyway of my dream, though, just incase and because he believes me about my gift. When I told him that I had a dream about a girl that committed suicide and that she had tan-ish skin, he confirmed that his girlfriend has tan-ish skin. And when I told him that the girl had either brown or black hair, he confirmed that his girlfriend had brown. Then later when his girlfriend's cousin got back to him, she said that his girlfriend committed suicide. But then later he found out that the cousin and his girlfriend lied to fake her death so he would think she's dead. Amazing, right?! I had a vision that my friend's girlfriend would fake her own death. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!? That one was recent.

The most recent one I had was a few days ago on Sunday night when I dreamed my neighborhood got flooded with so much water that it was swim worthy. Then the next morning on the morning news, there was a report about an area of Tulsa, which is a city about ten miles down the street from me, having a company that had a water pipe bust open and it pumped out so much continuous water that it flooded the town a bit before they could stop it completely. many incredible visions, good or bad, they are incredible. I wonder what's next. I really want to have a vision about who my true love is...if the guy for me will make himself known to me soon. I'm so wanting to know! I'm psychic and I can't even get a vision about my love life....*sigh*....I hope I get a vision about my future boyfriend soon. Would be great if the vision told me who it was or at least what he looks like so I can keep an eye out for him. *sigh* I'll never know till it happens. - _ -"

Life of a psychic, my friends. xD It gets annoying and even sometimes painful, but I wouldn't trade it for anything, for it is one of the most amazing, most eye-opening, most exciting things in my life, and I love it. ^ - ^


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